Cozy Bedroom Ideas to Try this Summer

Summer is a perfect time of year to make your home as cozy as possible. When it comes to the bedroom, this space is perhaps the most important in terms of warmth and coziness. If you need some inspiration, visit our bedroom furniture store in Houston today to find an array of beautiful furnishings and more. As for some practical summer bedroom ideas, we’ve offered some insights on how to make a cozy bedroom and the essential things to make your bedroom cozy.

Read on for some helpful cozy bedroom ideas that will help make this winter the coziest ever.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas to Try this Summer


One of the easiest yet most effective warm and cozy bedroom ideas for the summer is to pile on the pillows and blankets. Use a soft faux fur throw blanket to add a layer of warmth or top your bed with extra quilts or comforters. Pile on the pillows and use soft, decorative pillows to give your bedroom a warm and cozy touch. Use a variety of textures ranging from linen and wool to down and velvet. Aside from the bedding on beds, you can also implement more cozy warm bedroom ideas by adding softness and texture through other items like area rugs and window treatments.

Add a high-pile area rug to the bedroom so you wake up every morning and step on luxurious softness. A beautiful pair of velvet window curtains can also complement your cosy bedroom designs, as the curtains will help tie everything together and transform your bedroom into a cozy, comfortable getaway.

Layer Linens and Textures


Cozy bedroom lighting can significantly impact the way any room looks and feels. To make your bedroom cozier, try a pair of beautiful table lamps placed on top of a pair of nightstands. You’ll have a way to read a good book before bedtime without having to get out from under the covers. A set of wall sconces is another beautiful choice that will also give your nightstands more surface space for drinks or books. You want to choose lighting that will highlight your cozy bedroom furniture and give the room a soft, warm touch.

Consider installing a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness of the lighting in this space. Update bright white light bulbs to something in a soft white or yellow tint. The warmer the light, the cozier your bedroom will be all summer long.

Use Lighting to Make the Cozy Bedroom Set


You might not think of organization when it comes to cozy bedroom set ideas, but a tidy sleeping space will help you relax. Store all of your extra shoes, dresses, and other clothing items neatly in pieces like a chest and dressers or a beautiful armoire. You can also add beds to the room that have some large drawers built-in underneath the bed to give you even more storage.

An organized bedroom helps your mind stay calm, and it’s extremely effective at giving the room an inviting and welcoming aura. If you don’t have a lot of room for a chest and dressers, try a comfy storage bench. Choose a bench with soft cushioning and upholstery alongside some cozy bedroom decor that will enhance the coziness factor.

Keep it Neat


Most people add some personal items to their living room, but you can do the same thing in the bedroom too for implementing some unique warm cozy bedroom ideas. Hang mirrors on the wall for a bright element, and don’t forget to bring in some personal pieces like a custom work of art or framed pictures of your family and friends. Top wall shelves or bookcases with a myriad of things that have personal meaning to you.

Whether it’s some items you’ve gathered from your travels, sentimental gifts, a custom print on canvas, or even a small cozy bedroom couch, adding personal items to this room is a great way to help you feel at home. You can also do this by choosing your favorite color palette. Paint your walls in soft, warm colors and add bedding that coordinates for a comforting, cohesive look.

Give Your Bedroom a Personal Touch


Items from nature can help to make your bedroom feel cozy and inviting. Choose bedroom furniture made of wood that features a soft, warm finish. You can also add a few potted plants to the room to give this space an organic vibe. Look for items made of natural materials like woven jute or seagrass. A jute area rug or a woven basket in the corner filled with throw blankets will give this room a good finishing touch. If you’re looking for new ways to update your bedroom this summer or you want to implement cozy room ideas for small spaces, visit our bedroom furniture store in Houston today to get inspired. We at our store offer all the significant and essential things to make bedroom cozy, all at at best prices.